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Financial Strategies Tailored to Your Business

Here at Ellen Tillman & Company, we offer a wide array of services to help business owners address their financial needs at every stage of the business life cycle.


Taking into account their personal values and financial goals, we create and execute customized strategies to help entrepreneurs meet their objectives. Some of our key services are detailed below.


Executive Benefits

The success of most businesses is tied into the talent, passion and work ethics of their key executives. Executive benefit packages can help you attract, motivate, and retain high-caliber employees and keep your company healthy and stable. We can help you with funding non-qualified plans, supplemental employee retirement plans, split-dollar plans, and more.


Succession Planning

Succession planning allows owners to leave their business on their own timeframe while preparing their company to be transferred to family members, key employees, an outside party, or even a charity. This must be done in a way that achieves personal financial security, maintains harmony, and achieves maximum value for the business.


Key Person Insurance

Key-person life insurance offers a death benefit that indemnifies an employer for the loss of one of its most important assets - the key person. This can help assure continuity of the business for employees, customers and creditors, and protects against losses in sales, momentum, and credit. It can also be used to assist with recruiting and developing a replacement for the employee.


Employee Benefits

The only thing better than happy customers or clients are happy employees. A good way to attract and retain loyal employees is with an employee benefit program. We offer various coverages on an individual or a group basis, as well as set up voluntary-deductions supplemental benefits. By doing so, you’ll make available sound products from reputable companies that will be paid by the employees via payroll deduction. And we don’t have to offer all of the options at the same time, we can add more programs as the business and employee needs grow*.

Some examples are:

  • Group health insurance, including dental and/or vision
  • Life insurance and Disability insurance, can be group and/or individual coverage and can be employer paid or voluntary with costs paid by employees
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Retirement Plans: qualified retirement plans including 401(k), 403(b), profit sharing, safe-harbor, SIMPLE IRAs and SEPs.

*New York Life Employee Benefit Group Insurance Products program may be subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended (ERISA). Please consult with your tax and legal advisors regarding the applicability of ERISA to this program.


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